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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Diamond Resorts International

I think we should relax a bit from this.

Sam Hadley


Wow Morlock - how does it feel to be a walking caricature of an irrational liberal unable to face reality?

What's scary is that they let people like you hold positions of responsiblity within the DNC. I'd say we're all pretty-much doomed.


Advanced citizenship is indeed the norm, not least in sophistication of a message saturated population at judging mass media manipulation, e.g. "war on terror" as a Reichstag fire.

When we saw a third tower fall just like frequently viewed condemned Vegas casinos undergoing controlled demoliton, though WTC 7 was never struck by jetliner or explosion, we knew exactly what we were seeing, one more genocidal circus act for the sake of pork barrel procurement's aggrandizement.

That you parrot the oligarchy's duplicitous message of fear speaks ill of your citizenship's acuity, hence degree of advancement.

Lock step patriotism is treason toward democracy.

When a military procurement dole hound like Abizaid bemoans U.S. citizenry's obliviousness to conflict for the sake of corporate welfare, he is no different than a multigeneration welfare mother lamenting societal indifference toward the bastard infant wailing at her empty dugs.

Because unregulated National Security agency controlled judiciary & law enforcement will not consistently prosecute, we, the U.S. citizenry, cannot stop the power whores who beg money from master criminals to purchase election results so they can curry pimps' favor by aiding their constant raids on the public treasury, lest we be convicted of sedition or abetting terrorism by rerouting our funds to contrary purpose.

But we can preserve remnants of our shredded dignity by withholding our attention from, and thereby allegiance to, liberty's prostitution by dynastic death merchants.


If we were at war with an actual state and its respective military instead of a shadowy organization that never enters an actual field of battle to conduct warfare in the classical sense, you would find the country mobilized and highly aware of its mission. As it is, it is a 'war' conducted miles from America and seen on TV screens and thus, can be relegated to a fantasy world that happens 'over there.' That's why this is why the language of 'war' is not working properly and why indeed, we are probably losing. But since there is no definition of victory from the Whitehouse, we cannot know what victory is supposed to look like.

daniel F. Swann

What specifically is it about George Will that causes him to be viewed as a Conservative? Of all the Conservative Columnists, he is the only one I never read. I determined long ago that he is a snob filled with visions of his own importance.

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