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This blog is an amalgamation of my two previous attempts at blogging. Hopefully, this one sticks.

The name, "Restitution," refers to C.S. Lewis' essay "The Abolition of Man," in which he argued that Reason itself was under assault by the academic elite and the proponents of scientism. By substituting our first-order principles (philosophy) for one of our second-order principles (science), we were creating a moral wasteland -- a utilitarian paradise -- free from any differentiation between virtue and vice, true and false, or good and evil. These arguments have had an immense impact on me, and it is through this paradigm that I view the world and to do my small part to fight those forces of decay dressed up as progress.

Victor Davis Hanson, in a column he wrote a couple of years ago, compared the modern Europeans to Hobbits living in a make believe Shire, while the U.S. kept the forces of Mordor at bay (along with a few European Frodos and Bilbos). I thought the comparison was brilliant, and remains true today. However, I'm beginning to think he ought to have added Americans to the mix. Perhaps we're the Brandybucks living across the river ... but we're still in the Shire. It's our military, not our nation at large, who keep the forces of Mordor at bay. I think maybe it's time I leave the Shire.

Now, I'm still speaking metaphorically, of course. I'm 36, I've got a child with special needs, and I've already served nine years in the U.S. Navy ... so perhaps I could better serve the cause with my keyboard than with my boots.

So in that spirit, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I will be posting as often as possible on as many different topics as I can, but my primary purpose will be to join the growing ranks of bloggers who are changing the way we as a society communicate and interract, and I'm doing so in the name of winning the War on Terror.

The war will be my primary focus, but as a moderate Republican, I will touch on other issues as well. I will do my best to inspire you to think, and occasionally to act. I have the honor to be working with our nations' finest men and women -- members of the United States Army -- and I will share what I can about how they inspire me, in turn.